The Makes Sense 401k: A breakthrough retirement plan that makes sense for employers and their employees.

The Makes Sense 401k
A breakthrough retirement plan that makes sense for both employers and their employees.
The Makes Sense 401k delivers a better retirement plan solution to both employers and their employees.
"No company - from the smallest mom-and-pop shop, to the largest employer in the world - is too small or too big to be sued for breaching its fiduciary duty."
- Human Resources News & Insights
"...that people lose about one-third of their retirement money to fees that they don't even know they are paying."
- NBC News
Click here to learn how the Makes Sense 401k can dramatically reduce your liability while providing a better retirement vehicle for your employees.
A Better Way
The Makes Sense 401k is designed to solve the two most important retirement plan issues facing employers and employees.
checkbox Employers are burdened with a large - and growing - number of fiduciary liabilities. Many of these liabilities are not known to even the most conscientious employer - but are well known to every plaintiff's attorney!
checkbox Employees have been burdened with large (and frequently hidden) fees that directly subtract from their retirement nest eggs, and the investment choices available to them are frequently inadequate to the task of investing in today's markets.
Created by acknowledged leaders in the field of retirement plans, the Makes Sense 401k combines state-of-the-art legal and investment structures to deliver a dramatic reduction in fiduciary liability to employers, and deliver to employees a comprehensive lineup of extremely low-cost investments that maximize the efficiency of every retirement dollar.
Less liability for you, and more retirement dollars at work for your employees - now that makes sense!
This makes sense to me already. How do I get started?
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