The Makes Sense 401k: A breakthrough retirement plan that makes sense for employers and their employees.

Employers' Frequently Asked Questions
How much time will I have to spend on this 401k?
Very little. One of the primary objectives of the Makes Sense 401k is to dramatically reduce administrative burdens on the employer. Additionally, one person in the employer's organization is designated as a single point of contact, further streamlining communications and paperwork.
What will my out-of-pocket costs be if I adopt this plan?
None except for the cost of the ERISA/Fidelity bond, which may be optionally paid from plan assets.
Who will help me with transferring my existing plan's assets, employee meetings, enrollment, etc?
Your local Servicing Advisor will help you with every step of the transfer, setup and enrollment process. Your Servicing Advisor will also give you ongoing support thereafter.
Who is my primary contact at the Makes Sense 401k organization?
The Makes Sense 401k Plan Administrator - FutureBenefits of America - designates a specific contact person for you. On your behalf, that person handles all communications with the Trustee, Custodian and other service providers.
Do I have to have an annual plan audit?
An annual audit is only required for plans with 100 or more participants. The Plan Administrator will suggest an audit firm, but you are free to choose your own. The cost of the audit can be paid from plan assets.
How can the Makes Sense 401k be customized?
The Makes Sense 401k can be customized to your exact specifications. The many customizable features include: opt-in or opt-out enrollment (Auto-Enroll), service and eligibility requirements, Roth option, vesting schedule, matching contributions, profit sharing contributions, hardship distributions, pre-retirement distributions and loan provisions.
I own a small company. Do we need to meet any minimum employee or dollar amount requirements in order to adopt the Makes Sense 401k?
No. There are no minimums, and the Makes Sense 401k can be easily implemented as a new plan or as a replacement for an existing plan.
How do I get started?
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