The Makes Sense 401k: A breakthrough retirement plan that makes sense for employers and their employees.

How the Makes Sense 401k Benefits the Servicing Advisor
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The Makes Sense 401k provides you with a state-of-the-art 401k product you can proudly offer to all your small and medium-sized business prospects and clients. With unparalleled features and benefits, the Makes Sense 401k gives you all the tools you need to establish or expand your presence in the 401k marketplace.
Created by acknowledged leaders in the field of retirement plans, the Makes Sense 401k combines dramatically reduced liability for employers (and for you), a comprehensive lineup of extremely low-cost ETFs for employees, and an All-Star team of top industry service providers to help you open doors, establish new relationships and strengthen old ones.
Our Servicing Advisors play a vital role in introducing new prospects to the benefits of the Makes Sense 401k, and your efforts to welcome new participants and "roll out the red carpet" in the areas of facilitation, implementation and education are sure to win you new relationships, and a bigger book.
Here are some of the top reasons why the Makes Sense 401k should become an important part of your practice:
Short Sales Cycle
The Makes Sense 401k already exists, and employers merely adopt it. The Makes Sense 401k is truly "Plug-and-Play", which means there are no committees to form, no lawyers to retain, no organizational papers to file, no vendor "competitions" to manage. And there are no minimum plan-size requirements.
Almost No Fiduciary Liabilities
Unlike most 401ks, Makes Sense 401k Servicing Advisors assume almost no fiduciary liabilities. The Makes Sense 401k's investment manager and administrator absorb all of the 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary liabilities normally assumed by the advisor.
Reduced Insurance and Compliance Issues
Because you are not a plan fiduciary, you will not need enhanced E&O coverage, and compliance issues are likewise minimized.
You Own the Relationship
The Makes Sense 401k does not compete with you, and it will never replace you. The relationships you develop in your role as Servicing Advisor belong to you, and they will remain yours for as long as you continue to service the account.
Dedicated Wholesaler at Your Service
The Makes Sense 401k wholesaler is Ian Robertson, who stands ready to help you prospect, sell and service your accounts. Ian has many years of experience in retirement plans and managed programs. Contact Ian toll-free at 1.888.983.2522 (Ext. 100), or via email at
You Determine Your Fee
The Makes Sense 401k gives you the ideal compensation arrangement: the fee paid TO you is determined BY you.
Wide Open Marketplace
The small to mid-sized business marketplace has been underserved by the 401k industry, and those that do service it have offered high-cost, underperforming plans that have saddled employers and their advisors with unwanted and dangerous liabilities. The Makes Sense 401k breaks the mold and will be welcomed by your prospects and clients. With its unique structure, extremely low-cost all-ETF investment lineup and innovative Managed Portfolios, you've got a new and exciting story to tell that will "make sense" to even the most jaded prospect.
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